The Highland Rim Demo Garden pays tribute to Dorothy Briggs, a cherished member of the Robertson County Master Gardener community. Since 1934, Dorothy has called Robertson County home, and her dedication to our projects has been unwavering since she became a Master Gardener in 2009. Her commitment goes beyond the call of duty, as she consistently devotes more time to our projects than required. Dorothy's passion for gardening stems from her upbringing, inheriting the love from her parents, evidenced by the many plants in her care that originated from their gardens.

The circle garden
The circle garden is a serene spot. Bring a book, take a seat on the bench, and enjoy the tranquility.

Circle Garden

If you visit the garden in early spring, you may catch sight of a killdeer in the mulch path. Killdeers typically inhabit open areas such as fields, meadows, and sandy beaches. Known for their protective nature, they guard their nests diligently, so avoid getting too close. Instead of nesting in trees like many other birds, killdeers opt for shallow depressions in sand, gravel, dirt, or, in this instance, mulch. This choice helps conceal their eggs, ensuring their safety from predators.
Kildeer nest

The shade garden
Take note of the plants that thrive in shade. This garden features Coral Bells, Hostas, and more.

Shade Garden